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if you’re trying to figure out how to fit all the things you need to do for your business your family and your life into your eras help is here yes it is possible to manage your work from residence life and find balance and that’s what we’re going to do plus at the end of this video i’ll tell you how you can get your hands on an incredible free aid that you’re going to cherish so keep watching hey mama i’m lauren goulden now with a new incident of free momma and tv presenting mommas looks just like you how to start and lope a successful freelancing business from home are contributing to my canal and touched that bell to be notified when i post a brand-new episode of free mama tv right here each and every tuesday you have a lot on your plateful momma you’ve got kids and they seem to want to be fed multiple times a day plus they restrain wearing clothes that you have to shower every so often then there’s the whole rolling a business from dwelling thing which takes up just a little bit of your time each day and you’d like to think that you have at least a little bit of a social life even if it is a little distant at times your daytimes are full but you still feel like you’re not impelling hour for all the things free mama tv has you submerge today i’m going to walk you through the process of building out a direct from dwelling planned that works for you so that you can end each day feeling accomplished instead of devastated and here’s a question for you before we dive in have you ever bought a calendar either on the wall or a whiteboard or something and you started using it exclusively to stop using it because it didn’t really work for you and your family let me know if you’re guilty down in the comments below when you’re creating a schedule you have to start from scratch give yourself a clean slate and then fill in the things that are your absolute nonnegotiables this is different for everyone but examples of some of the things that might be on your nonnegotiables could include when you drive your kids to school or when they need to be logged into zoom school for attending a family breakfast or dinner hour that all individuals shows up for your dedicated meter for devotion or musing or centering yourself your son’s weekly communication therapy appointment or your daughter’s piano lesson or your tolerate appointment with your boss experience what i mean start by putting in the blocks that you know are going to be in place and that you’re going to have to work around once you have that in place you can start looking for the spots where you have the time and ability to slot in the office you need to do now it’s really important to consider a couple of things about your own personal situation if you just wanted a moderately picture of a schedule you’d go over to pinterest and were identified you’re here right now because you want to build a schedule that actually works for your own family and that means you’ll need to answer a few questions how aged are your girls for example and how handson do you have to be with them if you’re wet-nurse newborn twins for example it’s probably not realistic to plan for three hours of uninterrupted penetrating succeed from 8 to 11 a.m but if your minors are teens and tweens who are logging into zoom academy each morning that planned might work perfectly if you precipitate somewhere in between those two extremes what’s realistic again this is different for every family you might have babies who can only reasonably be expected to give you half an hour of gentle day three to four times a day so you’ll need to plan for that and slit the bulk of your work into the early morning or evening hours or you might find that if you take an hour to let your teenagers fill up on you early in the day you can then work humbly from the sofa for as long as two hours work within the covers of your current reality and remember that things can and do alteration next question how much work do you need to fit into your week “ve been thinking about” how many purchasers you’re are currently available what do you do for each one and about how long does that make you if you currently have one social media consumer and you’re drafting and scheduling posts for about two hours a week then you don’t need to give yourself 15 working hours season right on the flip side if you’re currently working with four clients and the operate you do for each one takes about four hours a few weeks you want to be sure you’re scheduling in enough occupation blocks to get everything done without stimulating yourself crazy and finally what time do you utterly know you can count on for doing your work like when is someone else responsible for feeding and washing your small humans do you have a spouse or collaborator who can take on that responsibility for a regulate number of hours a week can you get a sitter at name hours or pair up with another mummy so that you each have dedicated work time get those times differentiated on your docket so that you know you’ll be able to deliver on your commitments now formerly that is done “ve been thinking about” your other responsibilities dinner doesn’t precisely magically appear on the table at least not at my home regrettably and sadly i have never seen a real live laundry imp so i schedule in time to get those things done too and i suggested that you do the same ultimately it’s not a bad intuition to schedule in some of your down meter i know that might sound a little bit weird but it definitely helps me to know that i have blocks on my schedule where i don’t have to do anything i can lie on my sofa and stare at the ceiling by my children oh wait that’s probably a bad notion but you know what i mean i could read a book binge the bachelor-at-arms movement sugar shore or whatever i demand it’s usually candy arrive which is not what i really wishing to but you know how that leads so now that you know some of the things you need to think about when you construct your schedule let me go ahead and picture you my own schedule setup as you can see i use different shades to represent different parts of my life i use yellowish for our personal house trash we’re actually selling our residence right now so we have quite a bit of demoes that have disrupted our schedule but you can see that i block them in to make sure they’re not interrupting any of my nonnegotiables i induce my work time in purple all of my gratifies are in this light blue and anytime well have to be on and speak i’m in these dark-green caskets by having it color coordinated and using a tool like google schedule i’m able to quickly ensure at a glance what my work from dwelling mommy planned is going to look like on a daily weekly and monthly basis now personally i use one calendar that manifests my entire life so i have personal and business on here and you can see i fit in all of my personal stuff in yellow as well like going to the gym inspect with your best friend at mom’s group and making sure that i’m taking time for myself so that i continue to have exertion to pour into my family and my business now one last thing you might notice is that typically my epoch starts around midday and that’s because in a flooded life we have decided to actually homeschool our children and that is something that we do in the first half of the day and then from noon to about 4 4 35 is when i allow time to work on my business meet with clients and make sure that i’m tapping into the professional side of my life so to speak so one final remembrance that things really do vary a year ago we didn’t homeschool and my planned searched quite different plus we’re moving soon as you participated and i’m certain that my planned will change again after that girls proliferate and mutate and that means your schedule will too world-wide pandemics are regrettably a thing perhap you’re leaving a nine to five or taking on a new purchaser it’s a good meaning to get into that wont of checking in with yourself and reassessing your planned every so often now if you’d like to get your hands on a very cool schedule template we’ve designed for you you’ll find the link to my instagram below this video follow me over there send me a dm to request the template and i’ll get you a duplicate right away so that you can start building out your very own schedule inside google calendar and stop the overwhelm in your life also if you want to join a community of mommas just like you i have a facebook group where thousands of mamas come together for aid and act making tips and motive now if you liked this video please let me know by taste it below subscribe and share it with your fellow mummies and note below with hashtag “i know i m” a free mummy if you’re ready to set up a handiwork from home schedule that actually works for you we are out of practice with youtube okay okay um[ Music][ Music] or you might find that if you take an hour to let your minors fill up or you might find that if you take an hour to let your adolescents fill up on you earlier in the working day or you might find that if you oh my gosh have no fear i just repetition well we’re just gonna go for it i have to actually do that now


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