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THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Powerful Motivation for Success

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You shouldn’t keep your money at home. You should invest money in the brand. You should invest money in marketing. You should improve yourself, Don’t put money where you live with your children, Correct. Why is it going wrong? Because this is debt money? I mean House can’t make money. The house does not make money. The only reason people think the house Make some money, Compare it if I rent it and spend my money, but You understand: If you need to go to the hospital, You don’t buy a hospital. You rent a bed, Leave there as soon as possible. If you travel You go to america, You want to go to disneyland, You don’t buy a hotel, You rent a room. No one thinks this is bad. They are like. Yes, i’m going there And use this place to go out. That’S the life! You should do Find a place to rent Rent, rent monthly rent payment. Don’T own a house! Take all your money! You have bought that house Down payment extra money to solve it, Use all the money to improve your Business and myself, So you can get more money Correct. So i see many people like I want to invest 300,000 dollars in the house Hope to earn $ 30. 000, I want to be a buyer for $ 300, Otherwise I will sell it for $ 600,000. I want to double the money Fixed in one place. No money for you. Money won’t linger Correct. That is a big deal for your career Moving location. Yes, I move 5 or 6 times. I can move 4 to 5 more times Because of the people who stayed It’s so comfortable to stay in the same place. If you study rich people, They are fickle, They are moving, They are mobile, they are not. They don’t speak Warren Buffett Bill Gates, Don’t talk about the home, they live in. They talk about this place, They are going, They go to see money, They go to see wealth They go to meet. People Surprisingly accept anything If they really believe. If that is the purest form, I think I am not very accepted. If i hedge, I really People will accept you, People will accept everything. Just be yourself. It’S you Obviously, human, Like reaction, When you try to fake something, Your intention is bad. That’S the internal organs. We hate, But i actually think we Don’t give love For real people Know they have. They tried to fake it. Follow me why not Adapt to this market Along the way, Because i don’t think I will be respected. I know what my intention is, Then, why am i afraid I want to build the biggest building In the city? That’S me, Do you know what I want to do By building the largest building in town? Many people want to build, Build the largest building in the city. Do you know what they want to do By tearing up everyone? Elses houses,

Inheritance of poverty Teach in your family, Middle class family. So now people Who sits at home, Who is struggling financially Or worry about money Or unhappy. They may make a lot of money, But not satisfied with what they are doing. It may be taught to you. You know your superego is taught work hard. Otherwise you will never have money Or the rich are evil. Who cares Until you change your mind? Does money not help you correct? We see those who won the lottery, People who make more money. They still have the same problem with money Because they have poor souls correct. If you are poor, You are always poor. This is really difficult for people To understanding Money will disappear so fast. Like most professional athletes. They made millions of dollars, 65 % went bankrupt after five years Because they come from a poor family. Now you tell them, They are angry with you, Not that it was a wealthy fault. You know “, you guys drew me” “, The government cheated me”, But unfortunately, Mr Lipton said It is passed down genetically. That is terrible. It’S interesting When you promise something small gift Just started to show automatically. This is amazing. This is my life experience. When i am fully engaged, Someone will bring me something Then look and open your eyes By the way Packaging may come Wrapped in a package. You didn’t expect work hard Or like a voice Like a person, or you know, Maybe from a different direction Than you think or offer. Where I like to read About this, that’s not the thing Like my whole career, It appears in a strange way, If you ask for help Someone showed up at the door. Maybe let them invite No matter what the packaging is Or what you have heard. Who cares? This is indeed beneficial.

How old are you 44? I think I am 40 years old. Do you know how young we are When you were 26? Have you ever thought? Is this what 44 feels like? No, You thought that was done. How old are you When i was 25? I thought it was over at 40. I don’t even feel Like. I started Correct Yes, but when I was 26 I was anxious. I know All these guys And the girl on the street last night When you say to them Like their faces, become blank Because everything they see MTV did this in music. It’S all about bling! Now Now and now Now you know MTV is tamed. You start following people on Instagram. This is a disaster. They are all pushing Like. You know it all has to do with champagne And private jet. You can also get Then register my court. Like me, Everyone fell for it, So i want to come out. First of all, I think it is historically correct. No one will watch that movie in 100 years Say i suck. I like that 2I hope my legend grows. I am always obsessed Politicians and world figures, Like Winston Churchill. His brain continues to grow Correct. I want that When i die, I want to be underground Peacefully know that my legend grows Just like i want, I hope in this business world, So I gave real advice. The real advice looks like this. When you 19, You can spend a full 7 years. Learn your handicraft Meet the mentor, be patient. Then you wake up. You are 26 years old. You have a side in your life. You have completed excellent basic work, Continue and succeed. You know i’m unlucky too. I have a financial obsession, So i have someone stabbing me behind, But they are all good Because i grew from it. That is spirituality. You know the scared person Make mistakes Like they teach in school. They will never grow Because of spirituality. Well, And not good Right and wrong Up and down Most people always want. I want to be positive, But you can’t do that. That’S not reality And ordinary people. The reason for their poverty Did not fail. You know they play A kind of safety, They haven’t Any errors Like they teach in school. That means they don’t learn anything. This is why the school system Is actually fundamental corruption. This is the whole education. Correct, Don’t make mistakes Don’t ask for help with? If i don’t ask for help, I have an accountant, My lawyer, my banker And all You know, i’m going to do business Like a football team. You understand oom, We kick ass, But ordinary people Stand there. “. Oh, I am a student. I want to go all out And a group of rugby players Run over. You go “. Well, they acted unfairly”. Yes, you are not playing stupid. You should have a team, You should have an accountant Lawyer banker and all these things “, But that’s not the game. I want to play” That is not playing games. You know business games Play with accountant Lawyer banker, Hate talking about politicians like this. You know you have to understand the game Like i don’t want to be busy. I want to prosper. I don’t want to grind. I want to create a machine Monetization, You understand, I don’t lose money, I want money. I want a lot of money. I want to donate money. I want to raise a lot of money. You can’t do this if you go bankrupt.


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